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What you Need to Know About Erupting Wisdom Teeth

What you Need to Know About Erupting Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are one of the many mysteries of the mouth because we aren’t sure when and how they’re going to appear. Everyone experiences wisdom teeth differently, and some people don’t have them at all. Here are some things you need to know about erupting wisdom teeth.

Erupting Wisdom Teeth Dentist Reading

Erupting Wisdom Teeth Dentist Reading

Not Every Wisdom Tooth Needs to be Extracted

The wisdom teeth are the third molars right at the back of your mouth. They typically come in without a fuss, while some are impacted and some do a lot of damage. Quite simply, wisdom teeth are not all created equal. One of your siblings may need all four of their wisdom teeth extracted, while you yourself have no issues. Don’t assume things based on what friends and family have been through. Get the guidance of your dentist in Reading. Just because a wisdom tooth is erupting is no reason to call an emergency dentist Reading.

Not Everyone Gets Wisdom Tooth Pain

This really is true. Just because you are getting your wisdom teeth in doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have any pain or problems, or even that you’ll need an extraction. Plenty of teenagers and adults alike have found they have plenty of room for their wisdom teeth in the mouth, meaning they experience a mild irritation if that. Some experience no pain at all.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth are Most Likely to Become Infected

While it’s quite common for wisdom teeth to be impacted and they may not always cause pain, they are the teeth most at risk of getting infected. A tooth becomes impacted when it gets stuck in the gum or bone tissue when trying to break through. If teeth are even partially erupted it exposes them to plenty of bacteria in the oral cavity. This tooth could create places that are hard to clean, allowing for bacteria to build up and infect you. The signs of this infection include swelling, redness, pain, and bad breath. Make sure to book a visit to your dentist if you experience these symptoms.

Wisdom Teeth can Cause Trouble for Other Teeth

You might be wondering why wisdom teeth can cause so much trouble. The reality is just that every mouth is different. Some people are able to grow larger oral cavities than others. These people don’t experience any problems with wisdom teeth. If you don’t reach your full potential though, it could mean there isn’t enough room in your mouth for those teeth that develop – and erupt – late. You may need to have your wisdom teeth extracted even if they aren’t causing pain because there’s no room for them and they cause problems just by being there.

Not all Wisdom Teeth Come Through at Once

Wisdom teeth come through at different times for different people. You may even find that your wisdom teeth don’t all come in at the same time. You may have one tooth that gets impacted, while the others have no problem. You might have two come through at once, and then have to wait another year to see the other two. Keep up to date with the progress of your wisdom teeth through dental x-rays and regular checkups.


You may not need to call your emergency dentist Berkshire because your wisdom teeth are coming through suddenly, but this doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Get the help you need when you need it.

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